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Songliner had crossed paths with Sorrell sporadically over a number of years, quietly keeping his obligatory social distance –one boyfriend away.  A Friday night one November was their first official rendezvous, after her recent break up was declared official.


This date never really felt like a date.  The chemistry was more like artistry; the conversation more like revelation.  At one point, they started dancing in the kitchen, sans music…at least audible music. Within seconds, as they glided between the table and the countertop,  Songliner was distracted by a majestic melody swirling in his head, …strong, moving, thematic, emanating from who knows where...maybe the 'radio of her soul?!'


So, doing what any upstanding composer would do …he excused himself from her embrace and sprung over to the piano to play the powerful motif running through his head. 


The rest of the night was a beautiful, fleeting blur... as the composition endured.


Fast forward a few days –he adds orchestration – in a couple of weeks the arrangement is complete and he records the song. He places it as the first song on a submission to an instrumental record label. In a matter of days, he's offered his first artist deal.  A year later it's the most listened-to track on his debut album and the featured moment at his first concert. The song she ignited had become his signature song, an unforgettable Musical Soulprint.

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